Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some Interesting Links

Hey guys, I found some good articles at, and Mint:

An Artist's Freedom, The Tribune: ""

Road test for commuter etiquette: ""

Salil Tripathi on P. Sainath: ""

Matunga racket, Amit Varma :""

Even if you don't read all of them, do read the last one (it's sad & scary to say the least)!

Note that in this entry, Amit Varma says, "We can choose not to gamble or to do drugs, but sexual orientation, like the colour of our eyes, is something we’re born with." Or is it?

I am not too sure about that (that is not to say I have anything against gay men/women or find them weird though!).
What do you think?


sandhya said...

Hey Nimit,
good to hear from you.
Although I didn't have the patience to read all that you have written, I am sure you are doing good, keep it up!

Nimit Kathuria said...

For Sandhya:
get original girl!